Jan 25, 2017

Silence Unbroken

A followup to the Last Night's Storm, second piece for the elder scrolls challenge.
Conveniently named after Jeremy Soule's composition.

Pictured here is Miraak, Hermaeus Mora's champion, passing his eternal service in the lord's plane of oblivion, Apocrypha, which is an endless library, containing all the forbidden knowledge.

Nov 22, 2016

Last Night's Storm

A piece I did in this last couple of days as a break from clients work,
celebrating my everlasting love for morrowind.
Pictured here is a scene preceding the first minutes of the game, with Jiub and Nerevarine aboard the prison ship going through a stormy night.
With Jiub's appearance rather straightforward, not allowing many deviations, I've made Nerevarine to resemble the image used in various promotional materials as well as pictured on the game box of some versions. I've tried to keep the Incarnate as genderless as possible too, knowing a lot of people picture them as a female.

For any and all print versions, check the prints page here on the blog.

You may use the image for whatever purpose you would want as long as it's non-profitable, you don't alter the image in any way and give me full credit providing a link to this blog. Thank you and  I hope you'll find it usefull (:
For the free download of 2560x1440 file, go to the dA gallery.

Oct 9, 2016

A Gordon Freeman and HL series tribute

Half-Life is one of my all time favourite things, close to be on par with Elder Scrolls,
so naturally, when an opportunity to show it off is present, I went on to do just that.
Initially done for a contest by steam vk and buka, it's the first work I did in quite a long time.
3-4 months might've passed since the last time I've been any passionate about painting or drawing.

Here's a .gif reenactment of the work process on this piece:
didn't include the clutter on the left, as the cake is 10 layers on its own.
And in case you didn't notice, it's a nod to one of the fav actors of mine.

there are prints too!

Jul 18, 2016

Void Walker

My entry to the drawDishonored contest along with a textfree image and a tiny process .gif

(wasn't saving much for this one, as was pretty pressed in time)

Thanks again to everyone who the contest was made possible because of!

Jul 4, 2016

Going Nuclear Fallout 4 plugin

Something different for a change, my first Fallout 4 plugin:

Featuring a sweet tune by Miracle Of Sound, here's a bit of the work gone into creating it:
Editing the ingame textures for the holotape and the box was pretty straightforward, finding an appropriate box - not as much. Used for the purpose is a slightly nifskope edited San Francisco Sunlights box (which was a pain).

The unique keyword (the thing that makes the character say "hellyeah" upon picking up the item for the first time) added to the item with the help of Drag0nDr0p from reddit, thanks again man!

Finding a way to assosiate the soundfile itself with the holotape was a bit tricky too, but all was found in the end.
The most intricate part of it was, however, finding a way for other people to see the thing in action, with the help of Gavin himself. Thanks Gav, and sorry again it took so much time, haha :D

Nothing much else to say about it really, as it is, after all, a rather simple plugin. What took me nearly ~8 hours would've taken an hour most from a person with knowledge. So go ahead and see the thing in action, if you're down to play some Fallout 4. Here's a link to the mod page on the nexus, in case you've missed the tiny banner on the top of this post. Endorse and whatnot. And thank you! Go buy the track once more too! There's a couple more MOS fallout tributes too, so check those out.
And xbox folk, sorry but the Creation Kit doesn't let me upload the files! I'll be looking for a fix or workaround and will upload it to the bethesda.net.

Jul 1, 2016

Get The Gang Back

Cover for the Miracle Of Sound's Overwatch tribute



May 6, 2016

Apr 15, 2016

Apr 9, 2016


For a project I'm currently working on

Two edits based on given directions
Wasn't saving process this time around, but got this very early sketch for the piece.