Oct 13, 2011

About the Illustration for the Elder Scrolls book

A while ago I came across some rather old works for a few pieces of mine (which are somewhere on the Internet already) in my sketchbook and decided to show a few of them.

As you may know, for the russian Elder Scrolls Illustration contest I have illustrated the Trap note. But the "Berne's Deception" isn't the initial idea for the work I've had on my mind - before that I wanted to depict just a moment from the text (yeah, maybe stylized somehow here and there). The moment when the "Anonymous" was running away from the town and the ones he had been hunted by.
Pretty luckily for me I haven't spent too much time on it, so there is not much to show.
On the left is the beginning of the work, based on the sketches (which are in the centre and on the right) I've done on paper beforehand, thinking, "concepting".

Illustrating Trap wasn't the only idea though - "Five Songs of King Wulfharth"
and "the Black Arrow", for example, both seemed pretty nice as well. At some point in time I even thought about illustrating a few. The Trap and the Wulfharth

But eventually I've returned for the Trap and started working hard and concepting only that.

Some people pointed out, that the "manor" on the artwork doesn't look like it's somewhere (anywhere) on the Vvardenfell.
So, here is a little explanation - drawing a stereotype "gothic castle" whith a handful of vampires at that time was pretty easy. I've been stressed with time and everything (have been passing exams almost simultaneously) and it's a lot easier to assotiate vampires with that sort of architecture. Sure thing that if there was a little more time to work on it and anyhow less stress from my parents and teachers I'd design something a bit more "original".


Here is the only sorta WIP screenshot of the "Berne's Deception":

All the layers (without coloring):

And a little extra - a closer look in higher definition at some of the details in the artwork:

Well, that's all about the Berne for now.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour
A pleasure to be your guide :D

Sing up anywhere and stay tuned for moar
Don't mind leaving a comment below either - telling what you like and what maybe you don't, what you'd like to see.

Oct 3, 2011

By the Seven Roads - 1st webdesign xp

A while ago administrators of the tamriel.ru (one of the russian TES fan sites) asked me to paint a background for the site. 
At the time when they asked me to do it I was in Moscow - away from my pc and the tablet. So the only toolz I had at that moment, were a pencil and some paper.
They've provided me the initial "concept" so I've started working like "without a peep".
On the paper it all looked like this

They liked it all in all and so the final work looks pretty similar:

The board above the news says "By the Seven Roads" - the original name of the site.
They even have their own plugin for Oblivion out there.

Every little thing is removable, so it's possible to adjust the picture at any time as they might want to: the news board, stuff on the shelves, on the bar table - everything:

The website is

(Funny fact: they didn't change their webdesign ever since the site was created so it was more like they needed a new one)

Gears of War 3 Wallpaper Contest

It's been a while since the last time I've posted any news on the blog so here is finally something new. I have a couple of things to tell you about.
Though it was for the US residents only, I wanted to take part so bad -I've painted one.
All the three entries (version with different logo placement) were deleted by the remorseless dA bot from the contest's gallery shortly after they've been uploaded.
There is a number of pretty cool entries, but nonetheless - I have reuploaded my work and it is still there, in the gallery. I'm not taking any chances in that very contest though - simply not eligible to participate.

In case you want to download the painting without the GoW logo or with it in the top left corner - go the dA and look for it in the description.
And as it says, - the description - for the first time ever I have recorded the painting process. I haven't been recording from the very beginning though. And not till the end neither. But still, in case you are interested - be sure to check it out:

And it came out to be so long I had to split it into two parts - here is the second one:

Thanks in advance for watching.
Be sure to comment or else if you got something to tell me - some kindz of suggestinoz, your attitude to stuff and such. Would be quite good to know what do you think.