Feb 2, 2012

Manor and Manor~

Retouched an older work of mine. Was going to finish it, when found, but it just didn't feel like it could be, so I'd rather say I've retouched it. :D
There's a few others which I'll probably "finish" the same way some time.

Feb 1, 2012

Miracle of Sound's bandcamp

Gavin Dunne's bandcamp page as seen
Before the "general redesign" (as I call it myself! xD)
and after
Hope you don't mind a bit of spying, Gav xD

Moreover - Miracle of Sound along with Malukah is making a collaborative song, inspired by the Skyrim
You probably all allready know it is going to be an epic sound, but still - you better be prepared.


A work of mine which's quite surprised me by the amount of attention it get. It got around two thousand views in two days or so on, which's rather an achievement for me. :D
Two days - two thousand views
Made it in about forty five - fifty minutes all in all.

Here is undetailed and uncolored layer of it (start of the work):

Full size piece, comments and statistics available here.
Enjoy (:

BAG - volume 2

My second entry for the Blizzard's Account Guardian (BAG, you guessed it) contest.
A little story behind this, as I wrote on the deviantart: If Olaf and Baleog (dudes on sides) fail (what's very unlikely) to protect the Account (which's the laptop xD) Eric (the guy on the center) will run away from any threats. He's called Eric the Swift for a reason! xD 

And so, here's the main reason I'm posting the piece here, on my blog - a couple WIP shots. Or some "step by step" images:

Image on the left: as you can see here, I've been playing around with the concept at first: the top picture's depicting a Tauren in the Terran armor along with the Protoss defending a boy with a laptop.

For those of you who do not know or somehow forgot the guys - The Lost Vikings
Hope you enjoy (: