Apr 28, 2012



AquaMage TWR

At the end of the January
Render.ru arranged a contest on a theme "Mage's Tower", which's now at the voting stage.
I did make an entry (which I deeply dissatisfied with) for this competition.

And here come some WIP imagez
And some crops of the final image. The main issue of the piece - IMO - is that it's hard to get it as a solid piece.
Instead, it would be better if I took one scene from it. Maybeh.

Invisible Man~

Based on the Herbert Wells' character

MoS coverz


A new Tower (continuing this theme)


Took part in a weekly competition a while ago on the artttalk.ru
Theme obviously was "Cthulhu".

The piece placed third.

These are the first and the second places in the weeklecomp.
And some variants of HIS wingz

Yep, at some point I definitely messed up the foreground. Phew.