Jun 20, 2012


Here's a bit of a vague stuff

and good news - I'm in a game developing team for a few months already.

Celistic characters

These guys were the beginning of all this stuff

Done for one of the Celistic tenders. Placed fourth.
Happy bout that and so on and so forth (:



Palace of farmers, or whatever it's called (Dvoretz Zemledeltzev in russian)
for the contest held by the
russian magazine about the fantasy and sci-fi "World of Fiction", Wacom and Wexler

Berserker CCG artwork

step-by-step wip images and the final piece for the contest,
held by arttalk.ru and hobbyworld.ru


random stuff - some for the uni studying, some are just off my laziness


SkateDeck design

Some workinprogress and the finished desings
for the KickFlip for the Cause contest on DeviantART
(no resultz yet)