Aug 29, 2013


for the Moviefest 2013

model sheet and wip steps are through the link

If you like the thing - sharing is very much appreciated.
Enjoy and thank you.

Aug 2, 2013

Miracle of Sound, generic cover

Generic cover for the Miracle of Sound with a few "cropped" variants - for use with many future songs (thus is the title "Song Name")

And a bit on the process here
Initially, I didn't consider using the lens flare and bokeh sorta depth of field effect, but when the idea of crops came in, I figured there could be something else, something to make these look more cinematographic, more "dynamic" in a certain way.

All the crops where altered in color and brightness too - they all looks different from the corresponding fragments on the full piece.

I've also considered a few slightly different color schemes, as in almost every one of my works

Some progress shots

Thanks for visiting, hopefully you've enjoyed this little excursus (:

MoS "Reclaimer" mix cover

As you might know I did a cover for the Miracle of Sound's "Reclaimer" Halo single.
It's been quite a while since the release of Gavin's renewed version of the song, and just now we've decided to get the refined piece it's own, also refined (in a way) cover.

a crop in essence, there's no secret (:
a couple variants was considered too