Oct 20, 2015

Fallout Photo Manipulations

A set of fallout photo manipulations I did for a fallout oriented contest and as a part of hype that is going on. The whole set is on imgur
The base of each piece are photos I took at a couple abandoned sites in Saint-Petersburg and Kazan (high and low res ones respectively). All the fallout imagery used are game models from the Fallout 3. Apart from the raiders, which are cosplayers if you couldn't tell. The NCR ranger beside a door on the right, on the shot from a cafe is Al-Capony from the deviantart. If you are one of them too, let me know so I'll credit you here!

Hope you enjoy these!

Oct 12, 2015

A Dwelling Prisoner

A tribute to a couple of my long-time favorite universes
a quick rundown of all the features, from most to least noticeable:

Caesar's Legion insignia
Riley's Rangers sign
Walking with Spirits "tribal" scar
and the hero is Sheogorath which is seen by his eyes

Which is all and hopefully somewhat interesting. And yours to find. Thanks for stopping by!
It's on the artstation and the deviantart too

Oct 5, 2015

Elder Scrolls vaultboy

Have them all as .png's too for whatever purpose you'd want.

imgur albums might be bit more useful for some.
All the pics are 16:9 so use them as wallpapers if you will too.
it's on the deviantart too for convenience
Hope ya likes!

Oct 4, 2015

Dagoth Ur Dominion

A piece for Skywind I took a pretty long break from before getting it done.
Tried a new tehnique with this one
Which I'm trying to replicate with the upcoming Miracle of Sound cover too