15st February 2016
Arranged the Contact, Galleries and the new Prints pages

September 2015
Added Patreon and Paypal links to the bottom

4th February 2014

Added the first row to the Contact page

23rd February 2013


15th January 2013

Dropr gallery set up

1st February 2012


11pm, 3rd October 2011

1am, 30th April 2011

From this time you can follow me on twitter.

20pm, 24th April 2011
Added an embed video from my channel on the YouTube - a slideshow of my works accompanied by the music of my classmate. Here is a link to the message.

4pm, 11th April 2011
Created another web-gallery which is available here

11pm, 18th March 2011
Added a little "SitBack" window from the dA to the "Gallery" page
Here it is: SitBack window.

10pm, 18th March 2011
Basis is quite finished - such things as design, order of thing etc.